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Our Core Values

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We are your partners in E-mobility: we are always available to offer you our personal and professional advice. No matter your customers' lifestyle, business, car, or budget, we are committed to making electric driving as simple and convenient to as many people as possible.



Our goal is to create tailored solutions that meet your budget and give you the flexibility to buy or lease. We put your goals in the first place and ensure our solutions support these in the most efficient way.



We develop innovative and intuitive charging products and services. Smart technology is at the core of all of our products, making them easy to use for both drivers and location owners.



Our technology allows end-drivers to charge anywhere efficiently, with our web based applications, mobile app or loyalty card. And as a location owner, you easily manage and control your charge points to ensure optimal cost-efficiency.



With our solutions, we contribute to a more sustainable form of mobility by enabling everyone to charge easy and smart, wherever they go. PulsePower™ helps create and sustain leadership in the transition to a global clean energy economy. Our vision is a strong and prosperous India powered by clean, affordable and secure energy.

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