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PulsePower™ EV Charges and Network

PulsePower™ EV Charges and PulsePower™ Network Offer Many Advantages

For businesses, property owners and managers, apartments and condos, retailers, and employers, PulsePower™ electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and the ability to connect to PulsePower™ Network provide the ultimate in low cost, flexible deployment of EV chargers, from one unit to hundreds. Properties can benefit by offering a low-cost amenity and attracting EV drivers.

Future for Fleet Customers

PulsePower™ Network offers several features for fleet customers, such as the ability for fleet managers to group their EV charging stations and restrict EV charger access to specific drivers. Additionally, fleet drivers can require that drivers input individual vehicle mileage information before initiating each charging session. This provides the fleet manager with necessary data to monitor and analyze driving trends, frequency of charging, and energy consumption in a single platform.

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