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PulsePower Partners

Business Models

PulsePower™ Charging offers electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and access to our proprietary cloud-based EV charging network (“PulsePower™ Network”) to businesses, property owners, and property manager (“Property Partners”) across numerous location types, including:











We offer our Property Partners with a flexible range of business models for EV charging equipment and services.


  • We own and operate the EV charging equipment, manage the installation, maintenance, and related services; and share a portion of the EV charging revenue with the property owner.

  • Alternatively, Property Partners may share in the EV charging equipment and installation expenses, with PulsePower™ Charging operating and managing the EV charging stations and providing connectivity to the PulsePower™ Network.

  • For Property Partners interested in purchasing, owning, and managing EV charging stations, PulsePower™ Charging can provide EV charging hardware, site recommendations, connectivity to the PulsePower™ Network, and EV charger maintenance services.


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